Messianic Studies, Inc. is pleased to make "Our Savior Jesus Messiah" available through This three volume series represents over 35 years of research. The abundance of scriptural references scattered throughout the text are intended to advance the reader’s own personal study of Jesus Messiah. May God help us all prepare for the upcoming 1,000 year Millennial reign of His Dearly Beloved Son.

Bryan Young Weight
About The Author
Bryan Young Weight

I’m Bryan Weight, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church members are called Latter-day Saints (LDS) and Mormons because we believe the Book of Mormon is scripture in addition to the Bible. I was raised in this faith since both my parents were active members of this Church. During my teenage years I wanted to find out if God was real and if Jesus Christ was the Son of God. I also wanted to know if the Church of my parents was as special as they claimed or just another denomination.

After applying myself to the tried and true formula of sincere desire, study, pondering and prayer; I got an answer. The answer came in the form of a feeling that is difficult to describe. Although I did not see an angel or receive an external manifestation, something inside of me had indeed changed. The Almighty touched my spirit through the power of the Holy Ghost. Because of this experience I could honestly say that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, and yet the feeling was deeper than that. I came to know and understand that Jesus was the Redeemer of the whole world. I was no longer a believer, for my witness extended beyond belief. I had tasted the goodness of Christ in a revelation from God.

The miracle of my spiritual conversion is not limited to a testimony of Jesus. In the same way that I know Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, and Son of the Living God; I also testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the kingdom of God on earth. My testimony includes the restored gospel of Jesus Christ through the modern prophet Joseph Smith. In addition, I witness that there are living prophets and apostles on earth today. Moreover, I received an affirmation that The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ is Holy Scripture from God in the same way that the Holy Bible is inspired scripture.

When I arrived at the age of nineteen years I volunteered to serve a fulltime two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ without financial assistance outside of my immediate family. My personal monetary contribution in that undertaking was significant. When embarking on the Lord’s errand, volunteers serve anywhere in the world directed by revelation through living prophets and apostles. I was called to serve in the Eastern States Mission, which was later renamed the New York, New York City Mission. While there and in the surrounding states, I studied and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. A few souls were baptized by immersion with priesthood authority. It was my privilege to bestow the gift of the Holy Ghost upon them by the laying on of hands through the power of the Holy Priesthood.

Two and one half years after my mission service, I met the sweetheart of my dreams and we were married in a temple of our God. Marriages solemnized in LDS temples stretch beyond “till death do you part” and “as long as you both shall live.” Wedding vows performed by priesthood authority in LDS temples endure death and survive eternally. Together my wife and I raised four children.

My wife and I both graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU). I was hired out of college as a structural engineer designing and building power plants. When public opinion turned against nuclear power in the U.S. in the 1980s I was laid off, which necessitated a career change.

Being unemployed and with no obligations to stay in Southern California we decided to take our family to the Northwest. Upon arrival in the metro area of Seattle, WA, USA unemployment hung onto us for eight long, stressful months. Eventually I was hired by a small engineering firm that specialized in home inspections and forensic engineering services. Forensics turned out to be very much to my liking. A year and a half later I started my own business in the metropolitan area of Portland, OR, USA.

I quickly learned that starting a new business from scratch in a city I had never previously visited was more taxing than unemployment. The learning curve was very steep and at first we did not know if we would survive. I had no previous experience in self-marketing, but we made it. With time my expertise as an engineer in investigations evolved into fulltime forensic work on construction defect claims. While self-employed for 18 years, I performed over 5,000 property condition assessments and “cause and origin” insurance claim inspections. I also have considerable experience as an expert witness in court, arbitration, and mediation hearings. My written reports have been relied upon by private parties, attorneys, and insurance adjusters. The number of education seminars and conferences to which I have spoken on forensic engineering investigations exceeds 150.

The Messianic prophesies on Jesus Christ have been a personal favorite and frequent area of study since 1980. As an expert witness in construction defect claims and legal disputes it was natural for me to apply my forensic engineering skills while engaged in scripture study. Having read the Old and New Testaments multiple times I discovered many correlating scriptures that qualify as prophetic testimonies to Jesus Christ; “for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Rev. 19:10). The unique personal insights acquired and tracked over decades culminated in Our Savior Jesus Messiah, Volumes I, II, and III.

Volume I begins by sharing a personal experience followed by a stimulating definition for Holy Scripture. The manuscript then introduces the resources relied upon in this study. The first volume explores the Father’s plan for the salvation of His children and our relationship to Him. It portrays life before coming to earth, the purpose of mortality, what happens after death, and our limitless potential in eternity. The key role of the “Anointed One” is discussed in the Father’s plan; that is, the Messiah would atone for the sins and follies of man so that the effects of physical and spiritual death could be nullified...

Volume II opens by providing a brief overview of the Father’s plan for our salvation and His gift of agency, which are more fully explained in Volume I. Thereafter the second volume in this series continues to demonstrate that the ancient prophets of God believed in Jesus before the label “Christianity” existed. The Hebrew revelators not only spoke of the Messiah’s birth, they also wrote about events in His life and millennial reign. Volume II targets “in-life” prophecies or personal experiences in the lives of the prophets that foreshadow the mission and teachings of Jesus the Messiah...

Volume III examines the last week in the mortal Messiah’s life and closes with glorious views of the resurrected Savior’s return to earth and millennial reign. The third volume devotes considerable attention to the final days that preceded Jesus’ crucifixion. There is analysis of days“six” through “two” in the countdown towards Christ’s death. There is exploration into events surrounding the Last Supper, the Messiah’s arrest and trial, and expressions from the sacrificial Lamb of God as He languished on the cross.....

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