I’m Bryan Weight, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church members are called Latter-day Saints (LDS) or sometimes Mormons because we believe the Book of Mormon is scripture in addition to the Bible. I was raised in this faith since both my parents were active members of this Church. During my teenage years I wanted to find out if God was real. I also wanted to know if Jesus Christ was the Son of God and if the Church of my parents was as special as they claimed or just another denomination.

Volume I


Jesus The Messiah: A Testament to Jesus Christ looks deep into eternity using simple explanations based entirely on scripture.

The Bible says, “there was war in heaven” (Rev. 12:7). The scriptures also describe our participation in those hostilities as spirit sons and daughters of God before birth. Jesus The Messiah, Volume I explains what the war was about and the three heavens of glory in the afterlife (1 Cor. 12:2). This first volume answers such questions as:

• Who is God and what is our relationship to Him?
• Where did we come from?
• Why are we here on earth?
• Where do we go after death?
• Is the resurrection both physical and spiritual?
• How can those who have never heard of Jesus Christ be saved?
• What is the nature of God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?
• When and how did Jesus prepare for His mortal ministry?
• Were the Old Testament prophets Christians?
• How does the Old Testament testify of Jesus?
• Is there more to the Word of God than the Bible?
• Are justice and mercy compatible or in conflict?
• How did Satan become the devil?
• What is priesthood power and how is it obtained?
• Why are there two genealogies for Jesus in the New Testament?
• What was the role of John the Baptist?
• Why are there two baptisms (water and spirit)?
• How does the Law of Witnesses function in God’s plan for us?
• Did the people in ancient America see a new STAR in the heavens when Jesus was born?

Volume I chapter titles include:
1: Measuring Jesus
2: The Foreordained Sacrifice
3: Pre-earth Life and Purpose
4: The Need for a Resurrected Redeemer
5: The Need for a Spiritual Redeemer
6: Jehovah, The Promised Messiah
7: The Nature of God
8: Priesthood Authority
9: The Only Begotten Son
10: The Messianic Birthright
11: The Genealogies
12: Events at Birth
13: Messengers and Missions
14: John the Forerunner
15: Preparations for the Ministry
16: Temptations
17: Early Ministry
18: Nicodemus
19: Summary

Jesus The Messiah: A Testament to Jesus Christ inserts the key that unlocks an understanding of the Messianic Code. Volume I also describes the plan of salvation that God the Father implemented for us (His children) through His Only Begotten Son in the flesh.

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