I’m Bryan Weight, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church members are called Latter-day Saints (LDS) or sometimes Mormons because we believe the Book of Mormon is scripture in addition to the Bible. I was raised in this faith since both my parents were active members of this Church. During my teenage years I wanted to find out if God was real. I also wanted to know if Jesus Christ was the Son of God and if the Church of my parents was as special as they claimed or just another denomination.

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Volume IIl


Volume III unlocks the Messianic references in the Old Testament that Jesus Christ came to fulfill from a forensic point of view. The third volume helps people who want to know why the Jews crucified Jesus and how Pilate was manipulated into doing it. Beyond the last week in the life of the Messiah and His blood atonement, this concluding volume reveals extraordinary events that precede the Lord’s Second Coming and what life will be like during His Millennial reign. Finally, Volume III uncovers what three different religions say about Christ in their respective scriptures using a comparison-contrast format. Volume III answers the following questions:

•  What is the relationship between grace, mercy, justice and works?
•  Why was it necessary for Jesus to die?
•  How did the Messiah spend His final days?
•  What closing lessons did Jesus impart during the Last Supper?
•  Why did the ruling class want Christ crucified?
•  How did the Jews manipulate Pilate into crucifying Jesus?
•  What level of detail did the prophets foresee in the crucifixion?
•  What falsehoods were told that validate Christ was resurrected?
•  Was the Messiah crucified on Good Friday or was it Thursday?
•  How many post-mortal appearances did Jesus Christ make?
•  Is there a relationship between Apostasy and the Divine Pattern?
•  Is the Holy Bible infallible?
•  Is there more to the Word of God than what is in the Bible?
•  What does the Holy Qur’an say about Jesus as the Messiah?
•  The Apostle Peter spoke of a “restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began” (Acts 3:21). Has that restoration occurred and if so when?
•  What are the signs that precede the Lord’s Second Coming?
•  Who will live to see the Messiah’s return and millennial reign?

Chapter titles in Volume III include:

1. Introduction
2. His Final Days
3. Barbed Questions
4. The Last Evening
5. Arrest and Trial
6. The Passover Lamb

7. Upon the Cross
8. Beyond the Cross
9. The Sign of Jonah
10. He is Risen
11. Apostasy and the Divine Pattern
12. Psalm Twenty-Two

13. Jesus of Isalm
14. The Restitution of all Things
15. All Things Restored
16. A Promised Return
17. Signs of the Time
18. The Millenium

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