I’m Bryan Weight, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church members are called Latter-day Saints (LDS) or sometimes Mormons because we believe the Book of Mormon is scripture in addition to the Bible. I was raised in this faith since both my parents were active members of this Church. During my teenage years I wanted to find out if God was real. I also wanted to know if Jesus Christ was the Son of God and if the Church of my parents was as special as they claimed or just another denomination.

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Our Savior Jesus Messiah
Volume III

The subject of this three-volume work is expressed on the title page, Our Savior Jesus Messiah. The subtitle, A Portrait of Jesus Christ with Mormon Perspective, personifies the vantage point from which this manuscript was written.

I, Bryan Young Weight am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as The Church of Jesus Christ, The Mormon Church, The LDS Church, or simply The Church). Although there may be room for alternate opinions, my personal perspective and assertion that Jesus is everyone’s Messiah and Savior is based upon scripture. Come with me and together we will explore the scriptures that identify Jesus as the Messiah.

Volume III examines the last week in the mortal Messiah’s life and closes with glorious views of the resurrected Savior’s return to earth and millennial reign. This volume devotes considerable attention to the final days that preceded Jesus’ crucifixion. There is analysis of days “six” through “two” in the countdown towards Christ’s death. Analysis is also provided on Jesus’ cleansing of the temple and apostasy of the Jewish hierarchy. There is exploration into events surrounding the Last Supper, the final instructions Jesus gave His 12 Apostles, the Messiah’s arrest and trial, and expressions from the sacrificial Lamb of God as He languished on the cross. In addition, New Testament crucifixion history is correlated with prophetic statements in the Old Testament. This manuscript also compares elements in the Passover feast to prophetic visions of Messiah’s sacrifice as the Son of God.

Volume III scrutinizes Psalm 22 as a visionary case study of the crucifixion and compares Hebrew scholar translations of Psalm 22 to the translation commissioned by King James of England (the King James Version of the Bible). This manuscript also identifies favorable and negative implications of the unexpected tear in the temple veil when Christ gave up the ghost, the cause of His death, the hasty burial, and the enduring concerns of the Jewish hierarchy after the body of Jesus was laid to rest in a tomb.

Based upon testimony from the Son of God, the Sign of Jonah, and other Bible references, Volume III challenges the accuracy of Good Friday as the traditional day of crucifixion. In addition, the third volume explains that Jesus as a spirit personage preached the gospel to the dead in the spirit world; this preaching occurred while Jesus’ body was interned three days in a burial chamber. Moreover, there is analysis and commentary on the resurrection of our Lord and His multiple appearances after coming out of the sepulcher.

Not long after Jesus was resurrected and the Church of Jesus Christ was no longer led by prophets and apostles, there was a universal apostasy. When the Dark Ages settled over earth’s inhabitants, revelation from heaven ceased. Volume III examines the great apostasy in the context of New and Old Testament predictions. In addition, the testimony of Islam towards Jesus in the Qur’an (Koran) is scrutinized. This study also looks at the Lord’s flattering expectations for Muslims (people of Islam) as forecast by the prophet Isaiah.

The ancient prophets and apostles not only spoke of the great apostasy, they also promised the gospel of Jesus Christ would be restored in the latter-days; the time in which we now live. This restoration would include modern scripture. The third volume contains a historical synopsis on how and when that restoration took place. God called a modern prophet in the early 1800s to initiate this restoration and that prophet is identified by name. The restored Church of Jesus Christ is led today by living prophets and 12 apostles just as it was during the meridian of time.

Volume III closes by drawing attention to affairs pertinent in our day. The ancient and modern prophets and apostles shared wonderful and grim scenes that will immediately precede Jesus’ Second Coming. They also spoke of Christ’s millennial reign on earth with the righteous saints who died in yesteryears and are now resurrected. The expectation of these events, as stated in ancient and modern scripture, is discussed in some detail.

The chapters titles in Volume III are:

1. Introduction
2. His Final Days - Segment 1
3. His Final Days - Segment 2
4. The Last Evening
5. Arrest and Trial
6. The Passover Lamb

7. Upon the Cross
8. Psalm 22
9. Beyond the Cross
10. The Sign of Jonah
11. He is Risen
12. Apostasy

13. Jesus of Isalm
14. The Restitution of all Things
15. All Things Restored
16. Before the Messiah’s Return
17. Day of the Lord
18. Conclusions

As indicated in Volumes I and II, this study on Jesus Christ represents over thirty years of personal research on the Messianic prophesies. Discovery was line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little (Is. 28:10). I enjoyed a sweet spirit of reverence, enlightenment, and inspiration during this delightful labor. I now invoke these same blessings upon those who explore the manuscript beyond this brief synopsis. “And I pray the Father in the name of Christ that many of us, if not all, may be saved in his kingdom at that great and last day” (2 Ne. 33:12). May God bless all of us in our efforts to learn more about His Dearly Beloved Son, Our Savior Jesus Messiah.

Bryan Young Weight

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